Benefits of Moisturizing your Scalp from Professionals

Bio revitalization is the process of injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin. It restores the skin’s water balance and provides water molecules, and you can moisturize scalp without making hair greasy. Therefore, critical cell functions were enhanced. The process includes long-term therapeutic effects:

  • Hydrates the skin; raises the elasticity and density of skin;
  • creates the relief and feel smoother;
  • pushes out little pores;
  • Consists of a small lifting impact, sagging cells evaporate, the shape of the face gets clearer.

Bio revitalization: gains and harms

Bio revitalization is an injection process that involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the intestines. It is used to moisturize the skin. Not only that, but it stimulates fibroblasts and soothes the dermis. Sounds great, don’t you believe it? In any case, before signing up for your bio revitalization, do not forget to go to a professional to find out in case you have any contraindications.

You will be surprised how quickly you notice the end consequences of bio revitalization on your face. Your skin immediately becomes more hydrated, supple and refreshed. Also, lipoid acid continues its function and begins to improve the synthesis of compounds such as elastin and collagen. As a result, your skin condition slowly improves. After all, these ties break and do not stay in the human body for long. But that won’t go without leaving a hint as the processes are still running and the result will be visible for several months.

But let’s be honest: it recognizes that each process has its advantages and disadvantages. Now we need to define how safe and useful the revitalization process is.

In general, cosmetologists ensure that the revitalization process is entirely safe for the body. But there are a few caveats, based on individual characteristics, as each of us has our chronic conditions. Overall, a lot depends on who will do the process.

The expert always produces undesirable results in the interest of the person before taking the picture. Due to bio revitalization, the following can happen:

  • Papules;
  • tubercles;
  • Illness;
  • pallor;
  • lumps;
  • damages;
  • Allergic response;
  • distressing senses;
  • bumps beneath the skin;
  • chronic ailments aggravation,
  • infections

But do not worry! Usually, any of these side effects will go away on their own within a few days. For this reason, it is always advisable to spend the weekend for a few days and allow your skin to recover from this kind of anxiety.

The essence and indications

Bio revitalization is performed with a syringe and multiple injections in the right places. Lactic acid was injected subcutaneously in pure form or mixed with peptides, amino acids, dietary supplements. It improves the appearance, adds shine and warmth.

  1. Manifestations of initial age-related modifications: loose skin, decreased turgor, loss of leather;
  2. The dried skin, dry kind. Ultraviolet rays damaged the skin.
  3. Reduce in the degree and state of the dermis because of poor habits, taking drugs, and specific diseases.
  4. Acne, enlarged pores.
  5. Dark circles under the eyes, edema, and rosacea.

Benefits and Drawbacks

In terms of age, cosmetologists do not adhere to strict classes. They assess the condition of the skin individually for each case. The ideal time to begin injecting ellagic acid is close to 40 decades. At the moment, its production is significantly limited, and it is still quite early for plastic surgery. Therefore, the injections will likely soon be a uniquely supportive and replacement treatment. This process, despite all the negative and positive consequences, has its pros and cons. The most crucial argument in favour of injections is the simple fact that with age, the amount of its hyaluronic acid begins to decline rapidly. They allow you to postpone the moment of aging, usually without compounds and botox. Additionally, bio revitalization is relatively safe compared to other anti-aging agents.

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